True Leader
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Our vision

'A better future with TRUE leaders'

Our values are: people, truth and potential.

People: It’s all about people

We help people experience TRUE leadership. With any organisation our total focus will be developing people to be better leaders. We will do this by finding creative ways that meet the needs of our clients and match their resources and expectations.

Truth: Tell it as it is

Whilst developing leadership with a client it is likely that we will uncover difficult issues. Our job is to address all challenges that affect TRUE leadership, even if doing so risks our relationship with that client.

Potential: Unlocking TRUE potential

We believe leadership is an overarching competence that can be learned and developed. Helping people to apply TRUE leadership to their life and their career enables them to be more flexible, to constantly develop and to have the confidence to lead in any endeavour, even if unfamiliar. When TRUE leaders unlock potential in their people, a virtuous cycle is triggered.

The model of leadership draws from leadership concepts that incorporate ancient ‘wisdom’ as well as contemporary insight. It is represented in a form that is simple, natural and easy to access.

Our aim is to facilitate a leadership ethos within our client partner organisations so that the filter of leadership is applied to recruitment, development, promotion and appraisal of leaders.

All of our facilitators are carefully selected for their leadership experience (they have ‘done’ it), as well as their facilitation capabilities. We believe that connecting with groups and sharing their experiences adds to the overall workshop experience.