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Mike Davis-Marks OBE – Facilitator

Mike Davis-Marks (MDM) enjoyed a 36 year career in the Royal Navy, having wanted to join the Service since the age of seven.  During that time, he served in a wide variety of leadership roles in both submarines and surface ships, culminating in a testing three year command of the hunter killer nuclear powered submarine, HMS TURBULENT.  He has also navigated a submarine to the North Pole (twice), taught Officer Cadets leadership at Britannia Royal Naval College, held a diplomatic post at the British Embassy in Washington DC (during the period of 9/11) and was awarded the OBE for his part in planning and running the International Fleet Review in 2005.

Since leaving the Navy in 2013, he joined an exciting group of social entrepreneurs called Ethos, who are looking at how technology and innovation can be used to drive collaborations into solving complex social and environmental problems and are also experimenting on the Future of Work. MDM qualified as a NLP practitioner in 2012 and believes that people are a company’s most important asset and that investing in your workforce will deliver much greater dividends than merely trying to maximise shareholder profit.