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Our associates (USA)

Marcia Ayacaba – Facilitator

Marcia has extensive experience as an international corporate facilitator of multi-cultural and cross-functional teams.

Marcia spent over twelve years in corporate, working for different functions and companies, from marketing to capacity planning and luxury goods to FMCGs.

While growing her professional skills, she also grew her (big) family, becoming the mother of three fun, energetic and creative children.

Most of her career was spent working for PepsiCo as a European supply chain manager, helping countries improve processes and increase capabilities. She facilitated over 150 manufacturing outsourcing projects, building collaboration bridges across different functions, cultures and countries. Being passionate about people’s development, she also created and ran functional trainings.

Marcia has extensive experience as an international corporate facilitator of multi-cultural and cross-functional teams. She completed an intensive training with global facilitation expert Nigel Allfrey. She received the Distinction Advanced Facilitator award, one of only fifteen individuals among the company’s quarter-million global employees to reach this level.

Marcia pioneered several programs at PepsiCo to benefit individuals’ health, wellness, and impact. As a key member of PepsiCo’s Work-Life Balance team, Marcia helped create a new benchmarking system that was adapted throughout the company. She also spearheaded a pilot partnership between PepsiCo and the Trestle Group Foundation. The program supported high-potential women within the company as well as women entrepreneurs in emerging countries, pairing them with mentors and trainers to get to the next level. Marcia received the PepsiCo Europe Embrace Our Difference Award for this groundbreaking work.

Prior to PepsiCo, Marcia worked for Bvlgari in Switzerland as a marketing specialist for the accessories division. She lived the fast-paced fashion world life, circling the globe to curate custom collections and organize showrooms in Paris and Milan to present collections to international buyers.

“I want to create bridges between seemingly detached worlds (family and work, developed and emerging, for-profit and non-profit, masculine and feminine etc), because I believe that building a more inclusive world will allow business and people to thrive."


Sue Bevins – Co-Facilitator

Sue Bevins is a 30-year champion of TRUE Leadership.  Throughout her career she has led training sessions, coached and encouraged leaders to be supportive, fair and honest with everyone in the company, and carried the banner for everyone being a leader. 

Sue’s human resource career progressed from administrative to vice-president, in many diverse industries with local, national and international presence. She has a high success rate with coaching executives and employees through difficult situations resulting in low turnover and higher than average employee engagement. 

As an entrepreneur, Sue has built a thriving coaching business, guiding people to the next level of their careers.

Sue strongly believes that all people have the right to thrive in an environment:

– of respect, where listening to and implementing great ideas and suggestions are the every day norm.

– of open communication, where the truth is spoken, no matter what. Where each staff member can and does bring their whole self into the environment every day, with trust and ease.

– of potential, working from a place of strengths and enjoyment.

Sue's outrageous belief – all people are business partners, equals in success of the organisation. All people can be TRUE Leaders.