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I would like to thank you both for the fantastic 3 days and the learnings I took away I am already putting into practice! For example I have started working back from the end goal and it has helped with my daily/weekly planning already! On reflection it has not only been a brilliant help for my role at Burton Albion, it has made me think about how I am at home, it will help me be a better dad and husband too!

Dan Robinson, Burton Albion Football Club

Just completed a fabulous three day leadership course with Admiral Sir Trevor Soar and Nigel Allfrey.  Very thought provoking and inspirational.  The journey begins .....

Fleur Robinson, Burton Albion Football Club

“You guys are truly motivational.” 

Mr Colin Rogers, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"It was a great pleasure and a privilege to work with you both. I learnt a lot during these three days and was particularly impressed with your warmth and how you shared your personal experience of leadership with us."

Dr Humayun Ahmad, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"I found them very intensive and I am surprised by just how tired I am after it. I think that this is because there was almost no time when I was not thinking about what was being said, what was happening, how people were behaving and what things meant. It was instructive to see how you each, in different ways, kept a group of strangers challenged and engaged for three days. I learned a lot from watching you both in action."

Dr Andrew Willis, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"Thank you for the feedback and the excellent course. I got a lot out of it, the simplified model helped to make it workable in practice and to remember all the elements."

Mrs Ineka Anwar, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"It was the best and most useful leadership course i have ever done."

Mr Amgad Hawrani, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"Thank you for delivering an excellent course. No doubt, it was the best use of my time.”

Dr Haleema Hayat, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“There is no doubt that the series of nine workshops (on Leading Air Safety Culture) you have facilitated for ASSI around the UK overseas territories has been very well received. The effort and thought you put into the planning clearly built on the session that you conducted at our staff meeting last year and you ensured that the content remained relevant and thought provoking. Personally, I found the workshops extremely interesting, enjoyable and enlightening.”

Maria Boyle, CEO Air Safety Support International (UK)

“Thanks a lot for your efforts and knowledge shared to us! It was amazing, the training of my life with really valuable principles and ideas for a better life and business interactions between people in the right/efficient way.”

Laurentiu Apotsophu (Romania)

“I would like to thank you both once again for the life experience that I had in Istanbul and furthermore to inform you that I will continue to work on my skills, something critical for my career.”

Nikos Bountarious (Greece)

“Thanks a lot for the last week. It was impressive, exciting and challenging for all of us! Thanks for your energy and efforts!”

Julia Lukyanets (Russia)

“Big thanks for the journey you facilitated for us. I realise now it's much more than a skill learning week, but also a journey on self consciousness and reflection. Clearly the facilitators were able to unlock our potential as much as possible in a week and help us through the transformation. You are truly beautiful people.”

Serge Goussaert (Belgium)

“Guys it was really nice. It was for sure one of the best training courses I have ever attended if not the best. The fantastic thing about it is that we literally can use a lot of what we acquired in our daily personal and professional lives.”

Taym (Egypt)

“During this course, I had the most amazing experience ever. I would like to thank you indeed for sharing all your expertise with us. We appreciate your guidance and your support as an ‘adult father’ in helping us develop our skills and personalities as well. Your experience has been very valuable. Thanks again! We hopefully will be able to implement all the knowledge that we had further into the field and challenge our future, because we were Nigel’s students.”

Baseem (Lebanon)
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