True Leader
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To support TRUE Leader we have developed several other tools:

1. Organisation diagnostic

This online diagnostic asks fifteen simple questions about people’s perceptions of an organisation’s current culture. Aggregated, this will give a good picture of the current perceptions of employees and can help to identify the areas of focus for any workshop as well as the approximate level of ‘need’ to develop leadership capability.

2. Healthcheck™

This is a comprehensive analysis tool based on feedback from peers, subordinates and leaders regarding their perception of the efficacy of a leader in question, on the basis of the TRUE model as shown by their actions (Whole Person Leadership). This forms part of the pre-workshop analysis and is validated on the workshop. Healthcheck can be repeated by participants at regular intervals, if required, to assess progress against TLDP.


3. TRUE Leader Development Plan (TLDP)

From the Healthcheck and facilitator’s observations, a prioritised three month development plan is devised with each participant.

4. The TRUE Leader book

This captures the real leadership experiences of Admiral Sir Trevor Soar and is based on a career of ‘living’ as a TRUE leader, motivating people and achieving the highest rank in the Royal Navy. It contains experiences of where TRUE leadership achieves stunning results as well as candidly identifying and analysing failures of leadership. This book, combined with the wealth of commercial experience of Nigel Allfrey, adds ‘depth’ to theTRUE leader concept and parallels experiences with equivalent situations that TRUE leaders may come across in commercial or other organisations.