True Leader
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How we work

Delivery of the TRUE Leader concept starts with leadership ‘input’ by the leader. This is driven by the Whole Person model. The leader takes actions with high energy and commitment (heart) which are designed to motivate and empower individuals (hands) and teams (arms) towards a common vision (head). These inputs create the activity carried out by the team.

Leadership is like a marathon run in a series of sprints. At any one moment the leader can instantly diagnose the energy and commitment of the team in relation to the activity set and the capacity and to adjust accordingly (legs).


Once this approach to leadership is established and consistently applied, the result will be a perception amongst the team that there is TRUE Leadership i.e. Timely decision-making and strategy, Recognition and empowerment, Unity of purpose and Example-setting and role-modelling within the culture of the organisation. This will give them the confidence to perform at their highest level at all times and enable the best to get better.

Continuous monitoring and evaluating of the Whole Person input by the leader will ensure that complacency does not set in and that the team remains resilient and able to meet all challenges. This, coupled with appropriate recognition, reward and career development opportunities, will deliver a loyal, stable and high-performing team.


TRUE Leader is an experienced and high-performing group of leaders who believe in growing the next generation of leaders without the need to go through EVERY good or bad experience to get there. We also believe that leadership makes a REAL difference and that we all have it within ourselves to be a TRUE Leader.

With our clients, we diagnose the leadership challenges both by survey and by candid discussion. We design, customise and prepare an appropriate intervention based on the TRUE Leader principles in a way that is suited to the needs and resources of the client.

We then identify individual leadership profiling of participants and validate this information during the Become a TRUE Leader workshop. Once the people have been exposed to the TRUE Leader concept and had the opportunity to learn by experimenting in a ‘safe’ environment, we ensure they have a True Leader Development Plan (TLDP) that is individually built and we will support them towards its implementation.

Where possible we will ensure that the organisational steps are taken to make leadership a core competency, with processes to perpetuate its place in recruitment, appraisal, coaching and promotion. This will in turn positively impact the culture and improve business results. Future skills development can also be provided as appropriate.