True Leader
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An open workshop for both experienced and high potential leaders, delivered by Admiral Sir Trevor Soar and Nigel Allfrey at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

16-18 April 2019

What is a TRUE Leader?

Why you would attend this workshop:

  • Firstly, because we strongly believe that leadership is a competency that can be learned. Whilst ‘perfecting’ it, like any skill, can take a lifetime, having a clear template to begin with enables a fast start in leadership, without the need to learn everything from ‘scratch’.

  • Secondly, because it makes a difference. TRUE Leadership motivates people, it enables them to achieve their potential. Where leadership is woven, like a thread through the fabric of an organisation, it thrives, grows and is resilient when times get tough.

  • Thirdly, because we really understand leadership, and how to get it. Sir Trevor recently retired as the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy, having also commanded four warships during an illustrious career. Beyond that, he is also a humanist and believes that human connection creates leadership. Nigel Allfrey has spent a career helping people to really understand this fascinating and powerful subject and is a master facilitator.

  • Finally, because we will make sure that you have individual coaching and mentoring on your leadership ability along with a TRUE Leader Development Plan to increase and develop going forwards based on our observations and the TRUE Leader Healthcheck, a personalised 360 feedback tool completed by your colleagues in advance of the workshop.










So, what is the workshop?

It’s an intense three day experience building both the knowledge and the practical applications of leadership. Through a series of ever-more challenging practicals, with crisp, clear theory input, we will build your understanding and capability as a leader.

It’s based in the Historic Dockyard, Chatham. Not only will the workshop be held in the oldest naval building still in use, we will take the opportunity to tour HMS Ocelot, one of Sir Trevor’s former submarine commands as well as holding a dinner recreating a ‘Mess Dinner’ at the Commissioner’s House on the first evening.

It starts at 0900 on the 16th April and finishes on the 18th at 1630. You will need to be 100% ‘here’ for this event – part-attendance is not an option – to get the full value of the experience. 








What is a TRUE Leader?

As an organisation we have spent 70 years learning about leadership and two years crystallising it into a clear, simple model that enables you to bring leadership into all the actions and decisions you choose, both in and outside of work. By applying this concept you will be perceived as a leader and can build your own style onto it based on this highly effective method. 

We will also help you to differentiate TRUE leadership from both PASSIVE (inert leadership), and FALSE (destructive behaviours) in order to both ‘self-audit’ and to recognise and coach TRUE Leadership in others.

The COST bit

Attendance of this workshop is limited to 14 participants, with two full-time facilitators (Sir Trevor and Nigel). There will also be administrative support ( by Patsy. 

Fees are £1400 per person (plus VAT) which includes: course materials, venue costs (lunches, teas, coffee) as well as the tour of Ocelot and dinner on the first night. Accommodation costs are not included, although staying at the Travelodge right next to the dockyard is both convenient and a low-cost option (we will be staying there). It also includes an individual Healthcheck carried out before the workshop and a follow-up call with either Sir Trevor or Nigel to coach you through feedback both from this Healthcheck and our observations to help you populate your development plan going forwards.



How to apply for this workshop

Very simply, email Patsy with your name and email address expressing your interest and how many places you are thinking of taking up. Please feel free to ask any questions (we have deliberately not put massive amounts of detail here and are happy to let the experience ‘do the talking’, however if you need more information, please do ask specific questions). Once you have confirmed a place, we will invoice you and send detailed joining instructions and also ensure you have the necessary information to book hotels and travel arrangements.

We hope very much to see you at Chatham to enable our vision to be extended – ‘A better future with TRUE leaders’.